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Energy Efficiency is a key priority:
According to IEA reports, in 2007 the fuel efficiency of the Global Power System (including all energy sources: coal, oil, gas, nuclear, hydro, biomass, other renewables) reached only 31.5% !!!
In other words, 68.5% of all the energy sources used for the electricity production in the world are lost and dissipated in the atmosphere as waste heat (including conversion losses from thermal electricity production, own use of the power plants, and transmission and distribution losses along the power lines).
UEV Solutions Energy Efficiency Solutions:
UNITED ENERGY VENTURES promotes decentralised power production solutions to limit the transmission and distribution losses and to allow the optimal recovery of the (otherwise lost) heat from the exhaust gases of the engines. These Energy Efficiency solutions are the best answer for Customers who require a high availability of their electricity supply and who have a need for thermal fluids (either direct - like process industries, hospitals, hotels, etc... or indirect - with the possibility to distribute the heat and/or the cold through local network, such as district heating/cooling networks, etc...)
Example of Decentralised Trigeneration vs Central Power Plant electricity provision:
In this simple example, for the same power demand (1000kW electric power needs and 1000kW heating and cooling needs), and considering only the generation and transport losses without further conversion losses of the conventional system, the Trigeneration Solution saves more than half of the fuel required by the Central Power Plant to provide the same service !!!

Comparison between Trigeneration and Conventional Power Plant